October 26th, 'No News of Fred' - Whitchurch Local History Society


My talks look at the lives of ordinary people during the Great War and have proved very popular during the WW1 Centenary. All are based on research carried out for my books and are well illustrated. Titles are listed below. If you would like to discuss a talk for your group, please contact me at

No News of Fred - a journey through my own family research to discover what happened to my teenage great-uncle (a Bristol lad) who died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme

Bristol during the Great Warwhat life was like for ordinary people in and around Bristol during the First World War

Florence, Maude and the First World War - a look at the contrasting lives of two Bristol women - one working class, the other a wealthy resident - during the Great War

Letters from the Trenches - the true stories of six WW1 soldiers, as told through the letters the men sent home to their families

Bristol and First World War Aviation - a look at the key role played by Bristol in WW1 aviation - and how aviation affected local lives


Click the link below to hear me talking to about Letters from the Trenches on iHeartRadio's HistoryAuthor Show, a special interview by Dean Karayanis for Remembrance Day (11 November 2015)

Click the link below to hear me talking about Bristol in the Great War on Bradley Stoke Radio's The Legion Weekly show (October 2014)

Click the link below to hear me talking about Letters from the Trenches on Bradley Stoke Radio's The Legion Weekly show (January 2015)

Click the link below to hear me chatting about Christmas in the trenches on Who Do You Do You Think You Are? magazine's December 2014 podcast

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